Hermione under the full moon


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Full Moon.”

As you may know the Hermione is on her way to New York. I did have the chance to see her in La Rochelle and that night the moon was full… Will post soon a little “report” about this amazing ship.


Oatmeal chocolat chip cookies

I’m back… It’s been a year now that we’re back in France. And between us, it has been a tough one but now we are well settled down.

Everyday I miss my friends and others things like some particular food, stores open 24/7, hearing English¬†and Target ūüėČ

So today on this sunny day, Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas at the corner, I craved oatmeal cookies…

_MG_2472 _MG_2475

And what’s best than enjoying those cookies with an indian tea with cardamom… Enjoy!




Chocolate chip cookies


Kids in France are on holiday for 2 weeks. So I have to keep my almost 7 year old daughter busy…¬†So the perfect thing to do during this rainy and chilly afternoon was to bake some yummy cookies.
Those cookies are heavenly buttery and easy to bake.
¬†¬†To go with it I brewed myself a cup of Indian tea with of course infused cardamom…
¬†¬†I feel very lucky that she loves cooking with her dad and baking with me. I can say proudly that she’s pretty good at it. She even surprised me one morning with breakfast, eggs casserole with cheese and ham. ¬†
 Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Ile de Re, part 2

From the mainland to the island, we had to take a bridge to cross the Atlantic ocean. You can cross it by walking, biking or driving, it’s about 1,5 miles long.


At the far end of the island, there is a very nice lighthouse, “The whales lighthouse” built in the 19th Century and still working today…

I love lighthouses, when I was a little girl my dream was to live in one of them. I don’t know, there is something fascinating about them that I can’t explain.


About 300 steps to go up… Unfortunately, we stayed down, the kids wouldn’t have been able to climd without being carried and it would have killed us!


So we walked around…



Greenwood Cemetery, Dallas

My life has been a bit stressful recently with a lot of life changing decision…
I was glad when my friend asked me to go along for a photo shoot in Greenwood Cemetery. She has this things with cemeteries that I don’t have but I say to myself “It can be fun and a new experience…” So yesterday we went and I’m glad I did. I do understand now there is something very peaceful and not sad at all… Somehow it’s sharing a piece of history and not taking everything for granted.
So I’ll share with you some of my favorite pictures.

A lonely bench… To meditate or mourn?…
Just love the texture on this one!
Nature reclaims its own…
This one says it all…
Hope you enjoy as much as I did and thanks to Nikki (Nikkiinreallife@wordpress.com) for this breath of fresh air in my body and soul.