The oriental park of Maulevrier / Parc oriental de Maulevrier.

This park was created between 1899 and 1910 by Alexandre Marcel. It’s the biggest Japanese park in Europe.

At your first step you feel like you did travel thousand of miles… this is a pure beauty.

_MG_3742 _MG_3825 _MG_3828 _MG_3833

They even have an lovely Hindu temple.

_MG_3882 _MG_3888 _MG_3890 _MG_3932


Bye bye, hope you enjoy!


Mont Saint Michel

One of the wonders of France!

_MG_3518A unique monastery on a rock island in Normandy. It was built between the 9th and the 15th century.

_MG_3528 _MG_3564

The next view gives an idea of the height of the monastery.


The interior of the monastery.


The cloister.

_MG_3624 _MG_3634 _MG_3636

This picture brings me back like if I were in the medieval times, what looks like a monk is just a tourist passing by!



Hope you enjoyed!

Ile de Re

Since we are back to France, we are visiting friends and family, some of them for the first time in 9 years… So you can understand why I was delighted to find myself alone with my camera in hand walking in the streets of Saint Martin de Re in the lovely island of Re. My daughters were at the beach with their father and friends and at the end of my walk I was feeling lighter and relaxed.



The “roses tremiere” are wild flowers that grow everywhere in the area. Unfortunately it’s the end of the season so they are not as full bodied as they are supposed to be.  Walking in the narrow streets, only place for pedestrians and bicycles, it’s no wonder the island is the paradise for bikers.



The colors on the island are stunning blues, greens, reds…






What used to be was a fisherman harbor is lovely.







I really don’t know what not to love about “Re”… Probably too crowded in high season but I hope you enjoyed the pics as much as I enjoyed taking them.