Vanilla rice pudding

As far as I remenber I always ate rice pudding. For me it’s a comfort food. That’s reminds me of my grand mother who used to make it with raw milk from the farm next door, when we were in Brittany for vacation.
Today of course it’s not possible so to find back that creamy texture I put some heavy cream and it’s a delish.
 For sure this recipe figures in our family cookbook and the girls love it.
Hope you enjoy 

Chocolate chip cookies


Kids in France are on holiday for 2 weeks. So I have to keep my almost 7 year old daughter busy… So the perfect thing to do during this rainy and chilly afternoon was to bake some yummy cookies.
Those cookies are heavenly buttery and easy to bake.
  To go with it I brewed myself a cup of Indian tea with of course infused cardamom…
  I feel very lucky that she loves cooking with her dad and baking with me. I can say proudly that she’s pretty good at it. She even surprised me one morning with breakfast, eggs casserole with cheese and ham.  
 Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.