Pistachio cream puff

I have to admit! I’m a bit gourmand….

I love baking. Since I was a little girl I was baking with my mum, always leaking the bowls… Then alone when I was feeling stressed. So for Christmas my mum offered me a great book on French baking and since then I’m baking about one pastry per week…. My girls are very happy about it! And I can say I’m lucky not have the tendency to gain weight easily.

So last week end I did some pistachio cream puff to pleased my husband who happens to love pistachio, even if he has more like a salty palet…



With a little drizzle of dark chocolat, trust me it is a delight!

Hope you enjoyed.

The oriental park of Maulevrier / Parc oriental de Maulevrier.

This park was created between 1899 and 1910 by Alexandre Marcel. It’s the biggest Japanese park in Europe.

At your first step you feel like you did travel thousand of miles… this is a pure beauty.

_MG_3742 _MG_3825 _MG_3828 _MG_3833

They even have an lovely Hindu temple.

_MG_3882 _MG_3888 _MG_3890 _MG_3932


Bye bye, hope you enjoy!