Shelves redo

At about 1 hour 30 minutes from Dallas there is a Canton. This little town host every month the largest flea market of the world, for what they call “The first Monday of the month”… But one thing you have to know is that it’s never on a Monday but on the 4 days before the first Monday of each month. Tricky, don’t you think?



Anyway, I just love going there. It’s like taking a little road trip and feels like been on vacation for the day. Last time I went, last August, it was so hot that only half of the merchants were and by 11.30am we decided it was time to head back home because the sun was just burning our skin.

I went with the idea of a photo shoot but clearly didn’t shoot much!

Instead, I found a lovely shelve that needed work for $1… But I thought it’s an easy fix.


The thing was painted with so many layers of pink/purple and neon pink that I had a very hard time to sand it out, so I used a paint remover but the paint just didn’t want to go away… After couples of month looking at it with frustration in the garage I had another idea to bring it back to live…


So, I took some scrap of fabrics and mod podge and here it is, ready to be hang in one of the girl’s bedroom…

What I thought an easy and cheap project took me lots of time but I’m now happy with the result and can’t wait to go back to Canton for a photo shoot and perhaps some new finds.


5 thoughts on “Shelves redo

  1. Yep, 1 buck and a lot of elbow grease; excellent work though!
    I look forward to going back to Canton in early May.

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