Here in Texas, winter’s been pretty mild so far.

But don’t be fool by that. Winter is a crazy season, Sunday it was in the 70’s and last night the wind started blowing from the North and today, it’s almost freezing…

I just had time to start craving for fresh foods, Bbq, succulent fruits deserts and we are back in winter… So to keep me thinking forward I looked at the food pics I took last summer and could not resist to share those delicious clams.


They were just put on the barbecue then pour a mixture of olive oil, pepper, fresh coriander and garlic over pasta and here you go an easy healthy meal.


One great moment I had was with my friend from Brazil who brought back a bottle of Caipirinha…


You just have to pour some Caipirinha, add sugar and lime with ice cube. It’s crisp and strong!

Can’t wait for spring.

But at the end, the most delicious thing is sharing laughs with people you love whatever the season!


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